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Alumni magazine for the Sauder School of Business.

 Winner of Silver Leaf Award of Merit for Publications

Viewpoints is the Alumni magazine of the Sauder School of Business. The magazine’s goal is to support the school in its efforts to engage its audience of alumni and supporters by providing information that is relevant and appealing and motivates our audience to become involved with the life of the school and contribute to its development.

ImageStudio took over the design of Viewpoints in 2004. Each year we improve the design or slightly refresh the look to keep it current. Our creative objective is to make sure we visually support the writing and reinforce the Sauder brand while being distinctive and engaging as an alumni magazine. The photographs, graphics and pull-quotes are designed to tell the stories as much as the words do and we have employed a variety of graphic design elements to appeal to and engage a broad age group of both male and female readers. The ultimate goal of this effort is to motivate alumni to contribute their time, talent and money to support the school through mentorship of students and young alumni, or in an advisory capacity, or through financial contributions.

Since we took over the design of Viewpoints, Alumni contributions to the Sauder School of Business have almost tripled (from 13.6% to 36.4%). In this time frame the school has raised close to $30 million in alumni donations, or more than 65% of the school’s total donations, with much of this coming while the school was still in the, “quiet” phase of it’s current campaign, with Viewpoints being one of the only standing communication vehicles.

In the last two years the percentage of alumni who say they are more likely to attend an event because of Viewpoints Magazine has risen from 31% to 37%. Actual alumni participation in school events has increased by 9%. As measured by the diversity of survey respondents and amount of Class Notes received: from a low of 14 Class Notes in the issue prior to our revisioning, Viewpoints has averaged 61 Class Notes per issue. Over the past two years, 82.5% of respondents reported reading most or some of the magazine with 76.5% rating their overall impression of the publication as being good to excellent.

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